Hace unos días se lanzó al mercado la clásica versión de Tenis de Sega:

Virtua Tennis Challenge Free for Android

Virtua Tenis Gratis

Virtua Tennis Challenge Free for Android.

SEGA has since started launching a pack of free games for android.

At first the availability of these games was not available to all players and we could only find some, but for a few days ago we can enjoy the always funny game Virtua Tennis Challenge.

Click on the image you can find the download link, and here we leave it also for you to be more comfortable to locate.


Some comments from players in play store are relevant, because they make us see that the game is not as polished as it should, for example the user Daniel, comments that the game closes every 10 minutes making the situation totally unbearable.

In Pixel Funny Games we want to share with you some reviews.

Sebastian AV also comments that perhaps the reason the game closes constantly is because of the huge amount of advertising they have introduced. This is something totally strange for a company like Sega since they usually use totally different monetization system, hopefully in next improvements all this is solved.

You can find same review in differents locations, Jason Cheng Says: “Never seen so many ads in a game, ever! ”

“Crashes too often. When it does work fine, it’s good, not great. Controls could be a bit better. I can’t see any variation among players or courts, so that’s kinda disappointing. ”

“Restoring purchases with this game is also broken as it just opens the game page on the play store and doesn’t even restore purchases. I’m not sure who you pay to test these prior to release but they don’t seem to test the restore ”

Well, maybe Sega should change this in next update.

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Virtua Tennis Challenge Free for Android