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Today we can find a new collection of popular free games, right now there is somethng interesting to be played in your device like the best free games at play store.

popular free games

Another popular free games:

Here is the funniest shooting games for android  you ever tried!!

A funny game perfect for you if you love blocky and pixel games and the fun adventure of shooting games with warplanes in skies.

Fun is guaranteed in a this blocky world where you will find many enemies trying to destroy your hero plane.

Discovered this little gem of a game. Have been enjoying it this far, such a nice and funny game with great gameplay. Characters that looks like they are taken from Minecraft and other universe getting pixelated sure is hitting my sweet spot. Keep it up.


Popular free games

How long can you survive in a post-apocalyptic world?

This is how started the game.

Find out in Mini DAYZ now – an official pixel art rendition of the massively successful PC survival game – played by over 3 million fans. 100% free, without in-app purchases.

It is a really great game but once you reach the third island there’s no boat and you are just stuck there and basically the game just ends, which sucks because it is a really addicting game and I would like to play more like in a co-op mode. One more thing, the car repair toolkit doesn’t work at all, I used it and it just disappeared with the car still being in a bad condition


If you want more information you will go to their website.

A very good web site with more popular free games with soothing games and  more.

Day Z Good free games for android

Aqueduct in free game

Best popular free games:

Aqueducts is a puzzle game in which your task is to prevent a drought in the city. For this you will need to build roads from aqueducts from reservoirs to cities and fill such grandiose buildings as the Amphitheater, Hanging Gardens, Temple of Claudius, Baths and many others.

This is such a fantastic game! The minimal control mechanics make it easy to learn, and when a new mechanic is introduced, the context clues make it easy to understand without too many tutorials. I wish I had the money to pay for the extra levels instead of getting them free, this team deserves the best!


Developed by uaJoyTech, they do not have a website, but its no problem you can contact at the info in the play store.

Best Shooting Games

If your are looking about free games for fun, there is a little selection this week where you could try to play our awesome Blocky Air Force, right now with the latest update, called Blocky Sky Squadron, with more than 60 famouse characters from Minecraft, Nintendo, Avengers,etc… or play this others faboulus games, called Aqueducts and Mini DAyz.

We hope you like it and stay tunned for more.

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popular free games
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